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Staycation Ideas: Cabin Fever Edition

COVID-19 restrictions, the cold, and six more weeks of winter on the horizon make sweatpants, hot cocoa, and a Netflix marathon way more inviting than venturing out into the cold.

Instead of hunkering down until spring, we'd recommend grabbing your hat, mittens, and mask and getting outside.

Covering an area that is 8,750 square miles, the Penobscot watershed has a lot of room for outdoor fun, not matter the season. We've put together a few fun, COVID-friendly activities to get you and your family outside this winter:

  1. Strap on your snowshoes and hit the trails! A couple of great options: Long Cove Headwaters Preserve in Searsport offers nearly three miles of trails and the Silver Lake trail system in Bucksport has 67 acres of trails to explore. Before you head out on the trails make sure you've packed snacks and water, have plenty of layers, and let someone know where you're planning to go.

  2. Channel your inner Olympic figure skater. Bangor has several options for outdoor ice skating. Our favorites are Broadway Park, Chapin Park, and Fairmount Park.

  3. Test your bravery on your favorite sledding hill. Grab a saucer, snow tube, or toboggan and hit your favorite sledding hot spot.

What's on your cabin fever bucket list?


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