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Why Your Voice is Needed Now

Looking back at where we have been, we can all be proud of the progress that has been made in restoring the Penobscot River. Together, Mainers have proven that we are a beacon of hope and a model for others across the country. But now we must look forward to the future. The dynamics will continue to shift and, in order to make sure that the resurgence of the Penobscot continues for generations to come, we need your help.

As someone who lives along the Penobscot River, you know it best. You understand that, as part of this larger community, we are all responsible for the health of our river and we all deserve to have input in what the path forward looks like. The Penobscot River Community Coalition looks to its members, voices from all walks of life in communities up and down the shores of the Penobscot, to work together and become involved in this important conversation about our river’s promising future.

The future of the Penobscot River will be shaped by the decisions that are made today. As there has been in the past, there will continue to be a push and pull between the different and sometimes competing priorities of those charged with implementing policy. The strength of our coalition is centered in our diversity and our ability to 

move forward and advocate for a balanced approach for our river’s future– one that recognizes the importance of economic, environmental, and quality of life factors that are important to our members and to everyday life in communities like Stockton Springs, Prospect and Orrington.

Your voice is needed now to join in this important dialogue and ensure that these decisions continue our River’s recovery for generations to come.

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