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Beat Cabin Fever with a Snowshoe Along the Penobscot

Here in Maine winter can feel never-ending, and this year is no exception. Cold temperatures and heavy snow make sweatpants and hot cocoa sound way more inviting than venturing out into the cold. Instead of hunkering down until spring, we recommend bundling up and getting outside.

The Penobscot watershed covers an area that is 8,750 square miles – that is a lot of room for outdoor fun, no matter the season. One of our favorite wintertime activities is strapping on a pair of snowshoes and hitting the trails.

While you could trek to the groomed trails of the big ski resorts for an outdoor excursion, there are a ton of great options a little bit closer to home.

New to snowshoeing or want to bring your family along? Head down to Searsport to the Long Cove Headwaters Preserve where there are nearly 3 miles of marked foot paths across the 465-acre preserve. Another great option is the Silver Lake Trail system in Bucksport. Wide and well-marked trails cover 67 acres leading down to the shores of Silver Lake.

If you head north just a little bit to Old Town, the Hirundo Wildlife Refuge has over seven miles of trails to explore.

No matter your destination, strapping on a pair of snowshoes is a great way to beat that cabin fever. Before you head out on the trails here are a few safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Pack plenty of water and snacks

  • Bring a trail map, cell phone, and compass

  • Let someone know your plan

  • Be wary of crossing bodies of water

  • Dress in warm, non-cotton layers

Most importantly, have fun! This winter when you’re out on the trails, think about how you’d like to see the river continue to improve. Where would you like to see new trails? We’d love to hear your ideas. Shoot us an e-mail at or visit our website and sign up to be a member of the Penobscot River Community Coalition.


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