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Get Involved This Summer!

Spring has sprung and that’s got us thinking ahead to warmer months!

It’s been a crazy year and we’ve missed seeing you all out in the community, but with vaccinations becoming more readily available, we've started to hope for a more normal summer filled with projects and events. Keep an eye on our calendar and social media pages for more information on where you can find us!

Wondering how you can get involved?

  • Become a member of the PRCC! Those who live along the river know it best, and your involvement means we can work to create a more inclusive, common sense, community-based discussion surrounding the future of the Penobscot River!

  • Make small changes every day. No matter what we do, we all contribute to some of the pollution that is still entering the River. Small changes can make a big difference. For example, limit the use of fertilizers containing phosphorous and nitrogen in your home gardens.

  • Keep an eye out! If you witness illegal dumping of garbage, debris, tires, scrap, and other waste on the banks or shores of the river, report it! By working together we can make sure the river is cleaner and healthier for generations to come.

  • Let us know about projects or organizations that may need help! Do you have a project that needs funding? Are you planning an event that needs sponsors or volunteers? E-mail us at


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