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Gone Fishin'

Did you know that the Maine Department of Marine Resources conducts fish surveys in Maine waterways from May to November each year?

When we saw the article about PRCC advisor Sue Pate’s sons in the Bangor Daily News, we wanted to check out the reports ourselves.

The department partners with local agencies, power companies, and a harvester to keep track of the fish calling Maine's rivers home. Reports focus on populations of American shad, Atlantic salmon, river herring, striped bass, and sea lamprey, and are updated on a weekly basis, sometimes more often during peak fish migration periods. Along the Penobscot data is gathered at Milford Dam, Orono, and Weldon dam.

Since the trap at Milford Dam opened on May 3 officials have seen nearly 2 million fish swimming in the river!

Creatures of a different kind will be bobbing and floating down the Sedgeunkedunk Stream on July 14.

Rubber duckies will take over the stream for Orrington Old Home Week’s annual SedgeunkeDUCK Regatta. We’re excited to watch the duckies race down the stream – if you want to participate, make sure you adopt your duck by 10:30 at the fishway! Don’t forget to say “hi” to our friend Lucas before or after the race – he’ll be on hand with some PRCC swag!


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