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Meet Kelsi - a PRCC Advisor!

Hi all! We're so excited to be featuring one of our PRCC Advisors, Kelsi Christopher, today on the blog. Kelsi and her family live in Bucksport. She grew up on the Penobscot River and the mission of the PRCC resonated with her big-time. Now, a busy mom, she dedicates some of her valuable free time to furthering that mission and spreading the word about the importance of balancing past, present and future as we move into this new chapter of her childhood home.

Kelsi's father was a lobsterman and worked in the mill. She remembers when Bucksport, and the Penobscot River, looked very different than they do today.

"We have to continue to utilize the River as a resource if we want to preserve opportunities for people to work and play along the river," explains Kelsi. "We also have to consider what we're passing along to our children."

Kelsi and her family love taking advantage of living close to the river. This summer, her daughters enjoyed the StoryWalk along the public trail on the Bucksport Waterfront.

We couldn't do what we do without our great group of volunteers and our PRCC Advisory Committee. Thank you, Kelsi! Keep up the great work.


What is the PRCC Advisory Committee? The PRCC Advisory Committee is made up of leaders from communities along the Penobscot. The Committee ensures that PRCCs initiatives, programs, goals and mission accurately and effectively represent the challenges, priorities, and concerns of their respective communities as they relate to the future of the Penobscot River. Together, they act as ambassadors to other PRCC members.

How can I get involved?

The PRCC welcomes any and all who support our mission and the Penobscot River. Please complete the form on the Join Us page to sign up today!

Why should I join?

Those who live along the Penobscot know it best. It will be critical to our River’s continued improvement to have voices from a diversity of communities, working together, becoming involved in the conversation about the future of our River to make it a better place for future generations. Your participation will ensure that we can work toward our goal of creating a more inclusive, common sense, community-based discussion surrounding the future of the Penobscot River.

Kelsi's daughters checking out the view of the Penobscot Narrows Bridge.


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