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Spine-Tingling Stories from the Banks of the Penobscot

Fort Knox is home to the annual Fright at the Fort haunted house, but it is also reportedly home to come Civil War-era ghosts.

From Stephen King to sightings of the ghost ship Dash in Casco Bay, Maine’s coastal towns have a long history of spooky stories, but did you know that the town of Bucksport is reportedly Maine’s most haunted town?

Reportedly the inspiration for the late 1960s television series “Dark Shadows,” two of Bucksport’s creepiest stories include a witch trial and the mysterious murder of Sarah Ware.

You may have heard tale of the curse of Bucksport’s founder Colonel Jonathan Buck, as it’s one of the most famous scary stories about the town. Legend has it that in the early 1700’s Buck condemned a supposed witch to death. Right before she was hanged, she cursed Buck and his family, claiming that she would dance on his grave. Soon after his death, the shadow of a boot appeared on his tomb. The family has had the stone removed and replaced many times over the years, but the boot always reappears!

Accounts of Bucksport’s second-spookiest story vary.

One evening in 1898 Sarah Ware vanished from the center of town. A 52-year old mother, her disappearance came as a surprise to the townspeople, and rumors about the eerie circumstances started to fly. Two weeks after she disappeared without a trace, her body was found. A man was arrested in connection with her death, but later acquitted – to this day, Sarah Ware’s mysterious murder remains unsolved.

Whether or not you believe in ghosts and ghouls, there’s no denying that Bucksport is the source of some spine-tingling stories. Next time you’re in town, check out Colonel Buck’s tomb for yourself, or take a stroll along the river and try to spot the ghosts of Fort Knox defending the harbor. Happy Halloween!


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