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The Haunted Halls of Fort Knox

Happy Halloween!

Maine's seacoast has a long history of spooky stories (Bucksport is reportedly Maine's most haunted town!), and we just learned about some more spine-tingling tales from inside the walls at Fort Knox!

Every year during October, paranormal researchers lead tours of the fort looking for paranormal activity. The researchers welcome the public to buy tickets for these tours and split the crowd into smaller groups, bringing them to the "hot spots" where paranormal activity has been detected. Participants travel the fort with hand-held electromagnetic meters to tell them when a spirit is near.

Over the years, three spirits have appeared to groups during these events.

In one of the fort's hot spots, researchers have made contact with the spirit of a man who died during the fort's construction. According to the Prospect Historical Society, a construction worker died when a powder keg exploded as he was sitting on it taking a cigar break.

The second spirit is the ghost of Leopold Hegyi, a Hungarian immigrant who was caretaker of the fort. The researchers say they have seen him or heard his footsteps continuing to do his rounds of the fort.

The final spirit is known as "Mike" and can be found in an area of the fort known as Two-Step Alley. Not much is known about Mike's history or why he still haunts the fort.

The researchers say that while they can't guarantee people will have a paranormal experience in the fort, many people have seen the shadows and heard the footsteps and voices of the men who built and lived in the fort.


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